Ultrasonic lifting – this procedure (also known as HIFU) is non-invasive. It uses ultrasound energy to create coagulation points. Then, skin regenerates and creates collagen, which is essential for firmer skin.

Filling with hyaluronic acid – a hyaluronic acid injection fills in a wrinkle. Effects of hyaluronic acid stay from 6 to 12 months (usually 8 to 10 months). It increases skin volume.

Fresh lift – it’s a combination of mesotherapy and stabilized hyaluronic acid treatment. It is done with a cannula, so marks after the treatment are less visible on the skin than after a needle treatment. It’s good for dry skin, smaller or bigger wrinkles, it regenerates the skin and makes it look better. It adds a little bit of volume with a natural look. It’s good to repeat this treatment after 2-3 months.

Botox injections – we use it for mimic wrinkles (lion’s wrinkles, crow’s feet, chin, horizontal wrinkles). They block chemical signals from nerves. Botox blocks muscles contractions. It reduces mimic wrinkles.

The Vampire Facelift – it uses the power of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): the stem cells and growth factors taken from the platelet cells in your blood to stimulate the unipotent stem cells in your skin and facial tissue.

Face mesotherapy – it uses many micro and superficial injections. The skin looks better, is more hydrated and tight. It smooths wrinkles and the skin is more glowing. It is also a great treatment to hydrate and tighten skin under eyes without surgery. These ingredients include hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Hair mesotherapy – injects the vitamins, minerals and amino acids for the hair into the scalp. It can treat hair loss because it stops hair loss and makes the hair stronger. It is also good for dry and fragile hair.

Mesotherapy for local fat reduction (lipolysis) – few injections which reduce small areas of fat. There are two types of this treatment: one is more gentle for saggy cheeks and chin (stimulates lypolisis in fat cells). The other damages fat cells. Swelling after the first type is little (1-2 days) and the other is about a week long. It should be repeated after a month from 2 to 4 times. The second type is used for chin.